From his ongoing erasure project of The 9/11 Commission Report, Travis Macdonald brings us fourteen pages of erasure, forming a poem that stretches in and out of its original to become something as beautiful as it is mysterious. Where the report is the body representing this event, this erasure is the DNA strand, as Macdonald has illuminated the vital pieces that make it evermore strange and exhilarating and impactful.

Handmade classified document, 14 pages with cover insert, Released 1/1/12, Sold out!

The Jackalope Wars by Jeremy Bauer: Sold Out!

Vouched Books Chapbook featuring Christopher Newgent, Laura Straub, Ashley Ford, Roxane Gay, Tyler Gobble, Troy Urquhart, and Amber Sparks: Sold Out!

This Is Way Bigger Than Skateboarding by Layne Ransom, Jeremy Bauer, Tyler Gobble, and Elysia Smith: Sold Out!

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