The past year has been incredible and rewarding and fun and STOKED. We can’t thank anyone enough, though we try sometimes by shouting and such (yeah, that’s what that was all about). We are overwhelmed by the love and support shown for Stoked. Our proud meter is knocking the hat off that thing for our first four issues.

However, we have decided to take a little break. It’s clear Stoked needs to step it up a bit, but we aren’t sure which set of stairs to take. So, we are gonna hangout away from Stoked for a bit, taste test some options, and see what we’re feeling in the fall.

Layne just moved out to the beach in North Carolina, and I’m gonna do some traveling stuff (read more about that here if you wanna). We won’t be reading submissions, but would still love to hear from you, exchange work, check out the stuff you’ve published, etc. So add us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, email us, invite us to your house, whatever.

This has been so wonderful and we hope to keep it going in the fall.

We’re really just two dummies but we love you lotz,

Tyler and Layne